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Hey there!

Welcome to my post introducing some of the color schemes I’ll be using in upcoming spring designs! When it comes to design and color palettes, I don’t necessarily follow the “trends” that are projected for upcoming seasons; I’m a firm believer that we create our own trends based on what we like! And that’s exactly what this post is: colors that I think work beautifully together and wanting to share them with my readers for whatever design/creative work you may want to create!

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Happy Monday!

Today I wanted to feature a few new watercolor art prints in the Etsy shop! All of these are pastel colored, geometric art prints and will brighten any space you choose to display them. In the past month I’ve really honed in on my brand’s creations and what I want my artwork to consistently reflect. I love creating art that would look great in a beach/coastal home, but would also be fitting in any type of space! That’s why most of my prints are pastel color schemes or have beach designs. I hope these give you some decor inspiration for whatever space you’re looking to decorate.

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