Geometric Art to Decorate Your Home

February 1, 2021

Laura Rooker

Happy Monday!

Today I wanted to feature a few new watercolor art prints in the Etsy shop! All of these are pastel colored, geometric art prints and will brighten any space you choose to display them. In the past month I’ve really honed in on my brand’s creations and what I want my artwork to consistently reflect. I love creating art that would look great in a beach/coastal home, but would also be fitting in any type of space! That’s why most of my prints are pastel color schemes or have beach designs. I hope these give you some decor inspiration for whatever space you’re looking to decorate.


Sky blue, mint, pink, and gold abstract/geometric shapes:


Pink, teal, and lime green abstract squares:


Yellow, mint green, and gold abstract circles:


Orange and pink gradient & lavender half circles with a gold accent:


Multi-colored pastel geometric design:


The beauty of creating digital art prints is that I create the product one time, list it in my shop, and my customers are able to purchase the item over and over as the product can’t run out. It’s created one time, and can be sold an unlimited amount of times…this is where passive income can come into play! The benefits to the customer are that the art print can instantly be downloaded and there’s no shipping cost or waiting time!

Thanks so much for checking out my designs.

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