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Good morning to my fellow readers!

I don’t know about you, but I personally love other’s book recommendations in blog posts or on Pinterest, so today I thought I’d feature of few of my favorite books and recent reads that help inspire confidence. Not only do these books inspire confidence, but they’ve helped me on my entrepreneurial journey and have enhanced so many other areas of my life! Some of those areas are creativity, compassion, discipline, and mental health.

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Hey there!

Creating a digital dream board has been a concept I’ve been thinking about a lot lately! A company I used to work for was big on self-reflection and growth and always encouraged us to make our own dream boards. Years back I’d spend time cutting out photos and words that inspired me from magazines and would glue them to tagboard and hang them above my workspace at home!

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Good morning!

Today’s post is all about helping you find creative inspiration when you’re feeling drained or uninspired. We’ve all been there! It’s definitely something everyone has experienced, because let’s be honest- not every day is amazing when it comes to our creative flow. Somedays I crank out content and designs like nobody’s business, and the next, I feel frustrated and have to just step away and do something else.

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