Digital Wallpaper on Etsy

May 26, 2021

Laura Rooker

Happy Wednesday!

Are you looking for the perfect phone, tablet, or laptop wallpaper? This post is for you 🙂 These are some of my digital/downloadable designs that you can easily set as your device background. It also shows one of my best-selling items, the boho desert scene wallpaper. Enjoy!

The Boho Desert Scene Wallpaper

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This product comes in three different sizes when you download it. The perfect sizes for phone, tablet, and desktop. It’s by far my best selling item so far! The neutral color scheme makes it the perfect decor for any device!


Bright & Bold Geometric Phone Wallpapers

This wallpaper set comes in 3 bright and beautiful abstract/geometric designs. When purchasing and downloading the product, you receive all 3 to brighten your phone’s background!


Pastel Palm Tree Wallpaper

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This pastel colored palm tree wallpaper is the perfect design to add some beach vibes to your phone, tablet, or desktop! When you purchase this item, you’ll receive all three sizes.


Leopard Print Phone Wallpaper Set

This 3 pack of leopard print phone wallpaper comes in blush pink, gray, and beige. All are included with the purchase!


Boho Plant Lover’s Wallpaper

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This table plant design is perfect for plant lovers to decorate your device background! It comes in 3 sizes and is easily downloaded.


Thank you so much for checking out my post today! Be sure to head over to the Etsy Gallery and browse all of the digital designs you can use to decorate your space. Be sure to stay tuned for my next post showing you exactly how to create your own digital wallpapers!