Beach Art Print Sale!

March 8, 2021

Laura Rooker

Good morning to my fellow beach lovers!

Wisconsin weather is slowly but surely getting nicer (which means it’s 50 degrees outside instead of -20) and it has me wishfully thinking of summer and the beach!

Today I’m sharing a few featured art prints on sale in The Mint Green Gallery! My beach-inspired art prints are currently 15% off for a limited time.

These prints featured in today’s post come from the new, minimalist, pastel collection. They work as the perfect decor for any space and type of home.

My goal for these pieces is to remind you of your love for the ocean or to reminisce of your favorite tropical vacation. Maybe you’re already living in a coastal beach home, or you want to create that space if your home is in a frozen tundra!


“Life’s a Beach” starfish and shell print


“Aloha” sun and waves print


“Palm Trees & Sea Breeze” beige and mint print


“Aloha Beaches” sunglasses, sun, and wave print


Pastel sunset print in pink, orange, and blue


“Surf” board and sun print in coral


“Aloha” pink & blue sun design print


“Make Waves” print in mint and orange/pink


“All I Need is the Sun and the Sea” pastel shell print


“The Beach is Calling” sun and palm tree print


Check out the entire beach collection here!


Laura Rooker, Signature