6 Helpful Websites For Your Creative Business

March 5, 2021

Laura Rooker

Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite websites that I use almost daily with my creative business. Without them, I’d be lost! I hope these websites can help you with your creations and business as much as they’ve helped me. I’m not earning anything by promoting these websites, I just genuinely enjoy using them on the daily. Whether you want to start an Etsy shop, create websites, or run your own blog, these tools can hopefully help you in some area of your work! So let’s get started


Canva Image

I’ve talked about Canva in several of my blog posts before because I find it so useful for any type of project. It’s definitely one of my favorite creative tools on the internet. There’s both a free and paid version of Canva, so you can enjoy it regardless of what your work entails. It’s a one-stop shop for any of your creative needs. Here are just a few things you can create with Canva:

  • Social media graphics & posts

  • Art printables

  • Calendars & planners

  • Website & blog post cover photos

  • Business cards

  • Logos

  • Flyers & posters

  • Infographics

  • Invitations

  • Certificates

  • Postcards & greeting cards



Creative Market Image

Creative Market is an awesome website to find graphics, templates, mockups, fonts- you name it! It offers millions of items for purchase to add to your creative projects. I usually purchase items to upload straight to Canva to further customize the products. When purchasing items from the site, you should always read the license agreement to make sure you’re properly abiding by their terms. For example, unless you’re purchasing the commercial version of a product, you’re not able to use it for profit; always be sure to read the full descriptions. This is a website I use frequently for purchasing wall art mockups, images, and fonts for my brand!



Stock Photo Website Image

Unsplash.com is my favorite website for stock photos. It offers free stock photos, but asks that you do credit the photographers whenever possible. If you build your website using Squarespace, unsplash stock photos are actually built into this web page builder to make finding and adding stock photos to your website super easy. Unsplash has so many beautiful and authentic looking images to add to your projects, websites, and blogs. You want to keep in mind however that it’s against their policy to sell these images for a profit.



Color Palette Generator Image

Mycolor.space is an awesome color palette generating tool that’s completely free. All you have to do is enter a color’s hexadecimal code and it generates colors palettes that look great with that colors. It also can generate beautiful gradients based on colors you enter. This takes a lot of guess work out of what colors look great together if you’re ever unsure.



Pinterest Image

Pinterest is such a great marketing tool and it continues to gain traction and popularity year after year. People are referring to it as more of a search engine than a social media platform. Here are a few Pinterest statistics:

  • Pinterest has over 450 million active monthly users.

  • Pinterest is widely used by all age groups.

  • The number of Pinterest boards created grew by 35% in 2020.

  • More than 50% of its users regularly shop through Pinterest.

  • A majority of users time spent on Pinterest is for shopping.

  • Users generally believe that Pinterest is a place of positivity- attracting people back to the platform over and over to find inspiration in all types of categories.

These bullet points show there’s definitely a reason to begin investing in your own businesses Pinterest strategy. A lot of my daily traffic sent to my Etsy shop is because of Pinterest. It’s definitely a powerful platform to be a part of, if not already!



Tailwind App Image

Tailwind has been a very beneficial tool for me. It’s a post scheduler for both Pinterest and Instagram. I haven’t used it for Instagram yet, but I love using it to schedule my Pinterest pins. It automatically creates a schedule based on the most popular times to pin to increase your content’s visibility. It’s a very helpful and user-friendly tool; since starting using this tool, my monthly viewers has skyrocketed and has stayed steadily above 2 million monthly viewers. It has a lot of different features and benefits and I strongly suggest checking it out if you want to organize and create ease with your social media posting!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope these websites can help you along your creative journey. Let me know what some of your favorite sites/tools are!

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