Reasons to Love Building a Website with Squarespace

February 4, 2021

Laura Rooker

Happy Friday!

Today’s post is all about why I love Squarespace as my website builder. I want to preface this post by saying: there are a lot of great platforms to build a website. In the past, I’ve actually done a lot of website work with WordPress and that’s also an amazing platform. My personal opinion in the last year however, is that I like Squarespace the best!


I made the switch from WordPress to Squarespace because I read an article online talking about how easy it was to build an eCommerce presence on Squarespace. At the time I was looking into WooCommerce packages for WordPress, and wasn’t fully understanding the integration process. To be honest, I also wasn’t totally loving my website’s design either. Even though I have a background in web design and development, I still wanted an easier way to build a beautiful website because I was so busy taking care of many different aspects of my business. I decided to test Squarespace out first by building my career portfolio page, and realized I loved it so much that I wanted to make the leap with my eCommerce site too.

With all of that being said, let’s get into the list of reasons why I’m a Squarespace fan!


It gives anyone the ability to build beautiful website designs.

With Squarespace, you definitely don’t need to have experience as a web developer. You start out by choosing from their beautiful selection of templates based on your websites’s needs, and then you can customize everything from there. You can add a wide variety of different blocks and sections with just a few clicks and it’s very comprehensible. It’s so easy to add texts, links, images, galleries, products and much more to a site.


Squarespace has awesome customer service.

I’m always a little leery when it comes to having to reach out for support. I’ve experienced nightmare situations where no matter how hard I searched on the internet, I could not find a company’s support center; or even situations where the customer support I was reaching out to wasn’t even legitimate! With Squarespace, it’s so effortless to be able to get help immediately. I prefer the live chat because every time I’ve asked a question, they are super knowledgeable, easy to understand, friendly, and prompt in their response. Here’s the link to their support center!


The platform is extremely user-friendly.

Like I said above, you definitely don’t have to have website experience if you’re building your own site with Squarespace. If you do have coding experience and want to incorporate code snippets into the design, you definitely can! But you can create a stunning site with absolutely no experience. As you can see in the two images below, you’re able to just choose sections from a list, and then add content blocks to those sections to further customize!




Content Blocks

Content Blocks


The templates are chic, modern, and beautiful.

Squarespace has over 100 different templates to choose from to fit your site’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a food blog layout, a beauty product layout, or something for your eCommerce store, there’s a layout for you. There aren’t as many templates/themes as you’re offered with WordPress, however, I was really surprised to see how beautiful and modern all of Squarespace’s are.


The price packages are very affordable.

Here are the different packages you can choose from: when paid for the year up front, you save.

Squarespace Package Pricing


They have their own built-in email marketing system.


I know that this is a newish feature for Squarespace, but I think it’s SO convenient managing your website, customers, and email campaigns ALL in one place.

Today I actually built my first email automation through the service and it was so user-friendly and professional looking! If you wanna check it out, head on down to the footer and sign up to my list

This is an example of my first newsletter freebie sent out to my subscribers! I wanted to go for something simple and professional that incorporates my brands colors and fonts, and with this email builder it’s super easy to do that!


Also, their price packages for email marketing are less expensive than what I was spending using a different service. I’ve included their price plans below! Personally, I’ve chosen the $10 per month option as the best one for me at this time.

Email Prices

There are built-in SEO tools and analytics.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the practice of increasing the quality and the quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. There are a lot of different ways to maximize your SEO with Squarespace. I’ve read a ton of great articles about this on Pinterest, but here I’ve linked their official guide. I may create my own blog post about it down the road because it’s a whole giant topic by itself!

The built in analytics for your website are found right on your dashboard where you’re able to see the number of unique visits to your website, and information about those visitors. You can also see all of the sales information necessary to successfully operate your eCommerce business. There’s such a wide variety of information provided to you when your start your website with Squarespace!

Unsplash Stock Photos are connected to Squarespace.

unsplash photos

If you’ve never heard of stock photos, you must check it out! Over my blogging career, it has been such a life-saver as far as adding images to posts and sites. It’s a website where you can use other people’s images for free (not for selling purposes) for display purposes within your content. Squarespace has actually integrated unsplash photos right into their website builder so that finding the perfect, beautiful images is effortless.

All you have to do when you add an image content block to your website, is search photos and unsplash photos pop up to search thousands and thousands of images.


These are just a few of the reasons why I love using Squarespace. The possibilities with the platform are endless. When I found out about the integrated email marketing within Squarespace, that was really exciting for me because of the ease of use and the ability to manage my entire business (pretty much) within one website. I will definitely recommend Squarespace to any website building regardless of their expertise level! I hope this article gave you some great insight and was helpful for your design journey ahead! Thanks so much for reading

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