Blog Topic Ideas for Creatives

February 3, 2021

Laura Rooker

Hey readers!

I want to dedicate a blog post to creative individuals & creative business owners! Maybe you’re an artist, a blogger, or a web designer and started a blog, but you’re stumped on where to begin and what to write about. Hopefully this post can help a little bit to spark your writing creativity! An idea that I really like and plan to incorporate into my own blog, is starting with a main idea and start blogging from the beginning.

What I mean is, maybe you want to blog about how to become a web designer. That’s the main theme of your blog. I’ve researched that people are more interested in your content if you provide them with useful information. Although everyone wants to know what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s best to provide content that can help others (I do always love a great food pic, though).


You want to start at the beginning of a process. Start your very first post with who you are and why you became a web designer. Then, move to why you started a blog about web design. Then you could blog about your goals as a web designer, and the steps you need to take to become a freelancer. Then you could talk about how to market your business / create a designing business plan. It’s confusing to the reader to start reading your blog posts and realize you’re very knowledgable, but jumped in right away writing about topics that are way over their head. In my opinion it’s best to ease into your expertise by starting the readers off with simple content. That way, along your blogging journey, you can help everyone from very beginner, to expert JavaScript and jQuery programming wizards. However, if you have trouble simplifying what you do, stick to what you know! It’s best to start where you’re comfortable and maybe you’ll have a giant following that understands your expertise.

Another great tactic is to sprinkle in a bit of inspiration. Maybe you want to mainly blog about web design, but you also love yourself some inspirational quotes. Write a post to share them! Maybe you’d wanna blog about the best 3 books you’ve read, or the song list that inspires your work at home! I think it’s totally cool to write about a specific niche, but sprinkle in some fun here and there as well.

Now that I’ve given a few tidbits on starting your blog, here are some topic ideas for creatives for if you’re feeling stumped on what to write about! You can tailor this list to your own specific niche and get creative with it. Enjoy!


  1. Let people know your background and why you do what you do! If people can identify and relate to you, they’ll definitely be interested in your content.

  2. Write about the struggles you’ve faced in becoming the artist you are. Maybe college was a struggle, or maybe you didn’t attend college and are self taught! It’s another great way to relate to your audience and show that you’re human.

  3. Talk about your goals as a ______. (fill in the blank!) Share what you hope to accomplish as an artist or a designer and when you’d like to accomplish those goals.

  4. Share some work you’re proud of! Ain’t no shame in being proud of the things you’ve created. Show them off…maybe your work will inspire others, or maybe it’ll even lead to a sale. It’s an awesome concept to have your creative work uplift other people and also create an income for yourself.

  5. Write about where you get your creative inspiration from. What inspired you? Maybe you get design ideas from watching home makeover shows, or from following other artists/designers! Check out one of my posts on ways to find your creative inspiration! Another fun idea that I mentioned above is to take a few posts to share some inspiration that may or may not specifically have to do with your niche…like sharing your favorite Spotify playlists that help you get through your work day at home! Get creative and fun with your posts and share some random inspiration. That way, people will view your blog as not only a place to get knowledge on abstract paintings, but also a generally inspiring place on the internet.

  6. Share a step by step post showing how you create your products. Whether you paint using watercolors, or you create digital, download products, people love to see a how-to!

  7. Write about or share photos of your work space! Talk about what inspires you about your work space, or what you could change about it. Transparency goes over well because it’s great when people can relate and can see where you do what you do!

  8. Share how you market your creative projects. Maybe you have an Etsy shop or you have a booth at a farmer’s market! People love to know how to take on business ventures like those. I personally have an Etsy shop, and I run my blog on SquareSpace. Both are platforms that I absolutely love, and I plan to blog a lot about both of them!

  9. Write a post giving a shout out to your favorite people/experts in the industry you’re a part of! If you’ve just read a great eBook or how-to article, or took a master course on growing an Etsy business, give those teachers a shout out. I’m sure you’d make their day showing appreciation and praise toward them.

  10. Write a post sharing your own list of blog topic ideas!

These 10 ideas just scratch the surface. There are many layers to each of these and each idea listed above could entail 5 or 10 posts pertaining to it! For example, you could write a monthly shout out to someone in your industry! You could share 100 step by step posts creating products! You could talk about your goals weekly if you wanted to! The possibilities are endless and I hope this got you started on in the right direction with your blogging journey!

Thanks so much for reading & happy blogging!

Laura Rooker, The Mint Green Gallery - Signature