Journaling Benefits & What to Write About

January 18, 2021

Laura Rooker

Hey there, Happy Monday!

Today’s post has some ideas to start your day/week off on a positive note! In my opinion there can never be enough inspirational ideas to get my week started right. Journaling is something that really helps me out emotionally and I notice a huge difference in my all around attitude when I’m regularly journaling versus when I take a while off. If journaling is something you’ve never tried before, I hope this blog post inspires you to try it!


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When is the best time to journal?

I’ve experienced great inspiration writing both at night before bed and also in the morning before I start my work! I think this really just comes down to your personal preference and schedule. When I would write at night just before going to bed, I found it was a really successful way to turn off my thoughts and fall asleep easier. There’s something about writing it all out on paper that effectively clears your mind. If you’re like me, you have trouble with racing thoughts before bed, and this is a really great way to put a stop to it! All in all, there’s really no wrong time to write…just go with whatever works best for you!

What should I write about?

This is where you can just be creative! If you’re short on ideas though, I’m here to help. These are some of the topics I write about on the regular, and you can modify it however you want to inspire yourself and tailor your journaling subjects to your life ! These are a few topics you can write about if you journal at night reflecting on the day you just had/the day you plan to have tomorrow.

  1. What did you do today to make yourself proud?

  2. What is one thing outside of your comfort zone that you want to try tomorrow?

  3. What are 3 things you did today to help someone else out?

  4. What do you plan to do tomorrow to help someone else out?

  5. What’s a cute story that your children did today?

  6. What are 3 reasons why you look forward to your day tomorrow?

  7. What was your biggest accomplishment of the day?

  8. What’s something you’re truly grateful for?

  9. Write about when you complimented someone that day or how you plan to compliment someone tomorrow.

  10. How were you productive today?

  11. Write about something you dreaded doing, but successfully did anyways.

  12. What was the best song you heard today and why?

  13. Summarize your day.

  14. Write about how you plan to make the most of the rest of your week.

  15. Write about how you feel physically and emotionally and evaluate your health choices.

  16. Write about someone that complimented you or helped you out.

  17. Write about all of the upcoming events in the month that you really look forward to.

  18. Write something positive about each family member or friend that you have.

  19. Write about why you’re thankful for past relationships, good and bad.

  20. Write about organizations and groups that you’re glad to be a part of and why.

  21. What is something you learned today?

  22. What’s something in your life you want to improve?

  23. Who is one person that has greatly impacted your life?

  24. Write about short or long-term goals and how you plan to accomplish them.

  25. Write about the book you’re currently reading.

  26. Write about a goal that has come to fruition.

  27. What’s the funniest thing that happened to you today?

  28. Write about healthy choices you plan to make tomorrow.

  29. Write about something tough that you overcame- big or small.

  30. Reflect and write about your daily habits.

Wow, what a list! I hope some of those ideas spark your interest in writing. The topic I’ve had the most success with is number 6 – what are 3 reasons to look forward to tomorrow. I’ve found that when I write about this topic right before bed, my next day is just better in general because I told myself why it was gonna be a good day and what I looked forward to. It’s a great way to amp yourself up.

What kind of benefits can I expect from journaling?

For me personally, it really helps with my attitude. I have a super busy brain, always running a mile a minute with different thoughts all day long. Some people swear by meditating for this- which I’m yet to try, but journaling has also really helped with it. Like I said earlier, getting things written down on paper is calming to me and helps the thoughts from constantly being stuck in my head. Journaling can also help with you stay organized, can help you become relaxed, and can help you stay grateful and appreciative. If you’re constantly writing down positive thoughts, it can only help your mental state!

I hope this post helped ignite some inspiration to write! What are some other ways you find help inspire positive thoughts and actions??

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