Digital Products 101

December 14, 2020

Laura Rooker

Hey readers!

In my intro blog post I talked about creating and selling “printables” (also known as digital products or digital downloads). Last year I purchased a book that talked about creating digital products to sell and create passive income. Before reading about it, I had no idea what digital products were. Upon doing research, I realized theres a huge market out there for downloadable products. These items could include:

  • Art

  • Planners

  • Calendars

  • MP3s

  • Powerpoint templates

  • Blog post outlines

  • Lists

  • Email templates

  • Social media planners

and the list can go on. Below are a few of the digital products I’ve created and sell in my Etsy shop. Art, weekly calendars, and social media planners!

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In another blog post I’ll list all the different options you can create and sell as digital products. This can include basically any item that the customer purchases, downloads from their email, prints themselves, or uses digitally. What this means for the seller is that they create the item one time, and hundreds of customers can purchase this item over and over again- no shipping included (since it’s sent directly to the customer’s email address).

The reason I got so excited about this concept is that anyone with enough creativity to make something a customer can use and benefit from, can make a business! There are tons of platforms you can sell your digital products on, but I initially chose to focus on Etsy. I’ll talk more about that in another post. First, I wanted to create a post sharing the benefits of buying and selling the above products and here they are:

Instant Access.

The consumer has instant access to the design download right after purchasing! This means no waiting for 5-7 days at the mailbox. Not that anyone waits last minute to give a gift, but if they did (ahem), this would be the perfect route to take.

Unlimited Printing Options.

The consumer has access to the design forever and can use it however they choose. Whether that means printing it as wall art, sending it in an e-mail to brighten someone’s day, or printing it on a greeting card, the options are unlimited.

A Great Business Opportunity.

A digital design seller has the ability to create residual income! Digital products are not shipped and received by mail, therefore the creator only makes the design one time and can sell it over and over again! In my blog I feature helpful tips on how to build an income creating them. 🙂

Easily Customizable.

Because digital products are created…well, digitally, they have the ability to be customized easily so the consumer can always be satisfied with their purchase. Need something re-sized or color-changed to match your decor at home? No problem.

I hope this post can inspire creatives to realize they can make products and sell them for residual income if they’re passionate enough! To see a list of the digital products I have in my Etsy shop, visit The Mint Green Gallery! Thanks so much for reading! xoxo